Gobble Gobble


Xina and Vice have been added to the Event Committee, Congrats! We look forward to what you come up with!

Events, Events, Events!

Every year, Remembrance Day comes and goes and we all take a moment to reflect the sacrifices made by many men and women who have and are serving their countries in the name of freedom. To honour those who have, and who are selflessly serving their countries so that we may experience and enjoy freedom today. We ask you to write either a poem or something nice about a loved one you know who is serving, has served or have lost while serving. It may be a pet, family member, friend, aquaintance or whoever. You may also draw (sketch, finished, etc) a memorial piece or something to honour them. Since we are ever grateful for their service, this even will run until Thanksgiving (November 24th)! So be sure to participate!

Give me a Hand! We are all about the gobble gobble!!  You can either decorate a template we give you or you can draw your own hand.  You can make it into a turkey, a wolf, a giraffe, anything! This is all about fun and we would LOVE to see the crazy creations you have in the palm of your hands heh heh heh. This event runs until November 24th!

Share the Love!  With everything going on in the news it seems there is a lot of debate on Wolfhome. Some of us feel divided, some are scared, some people are simply avoiding all of it. We want everyone to know you matter. We want everyone to feel safe and we want everyone to come together like the community we are and share the love. We are asking for people to participate by sending in messages of love and support to Eventful. All these messages will be sent anonymously to each and everyone of you who participates. Participants will be kept anonymous unless you want to be known. This ends November 30th.

The Advent Calendar will kick off on December 1st! Stay tuned!!

20 Days of Thanks! Thanksgiving, true to it’s name, is a time of being thankful for all that you have and all who are in your life. So in the spirit of this, we made an event where you get say what YOU are thankful for!  Ends November 24th

Avatar Swap! Instead of poses this time, you will be drawing an avatar for the user you receive. The only requirements you need to meet are a 200×200 standard avatar size and our set forum avatar file sizes! For more information on what is acceptable as a forum avatar, see here. Once you receive the user you must make a forum avatar for, you have 2 WEEKS to complete your avatar and post it for all to see! Forms must be submitted by November 20th.
Avatars must be completed by December 5th.

Caption Contest is up and there is a grand prize of 2 deltas! This contest will end November 25th

WH Winter Banner Contest! This is a bi-yearly contest that is being held by the Wolfhome Administration to replace the old banner with a custom banner made by a member of the community.  The Prizes are : 1st : 25 Deltas, 2nd : 15 Deltas, 3rd : 10 Deltas and will end Janurary 7th, 2017!

Takatia is a brave young soul who decided to host Wolfhome Go! It’s a game where you must use your instincts and valor in the face of mystical challenges. The challenge is to be the very best, like no one ever was. To do so, you must catch as many Wolfhomers as possible before challenging the infamous elite four. Come check it out!

★ Notable Wolfhomers ★

In case you haven’t seen, Fik and her band of charitable artists are out to raise money for Toys for Tots ! It is a charity run by the Marine Corps to help less fortunate children and families.They provide books, toys and other gifts to families that don’t have the luxury of a comfortable holiday. Click the link above to learn more and check out Charity Commission Roulette to donate now!

Takatia‘s generous heart doesn’t stop there. She is fundraising for prevention programs, as we remember the beautiful Ayashe and how we lost her. We urge you not to keep your troubles to yourself, but to extend your hands to your friends and family to ask for help and guidance. It’s at this time of the year we need to reach out and be there for one another more than ever. It is a time to celebrate with the ones we love who are still with us, and remember those we loved who may no longer be with us. With the cold also comes seasonal depression. Some of us can cope with better than others, while some of us may fall victim to our own internal struggles. As painful as it may be: remember their names, remember their life, and remember their passions. And use that energy to carry them forward, to ensure that no one ever feels alone.  Remember Ayashe. Just to see their eyes again Fundraiser






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