Sooon it will be Christmas daaaay


  • Epilepsy has been promoted to Forum Moderator! Congrats!
  • Suspria and Bedagi have been promoted to Beta! Hoorah!
  • Welcome back to Ink (formally Chicago) and Blackbird (formally Akemi) to the Administration!
  • Ricochet tried to pull a fast one on us and has changed their name to Hygge!


  • The WH Forum & Chat Rules have been updated! Check out the changes  here!
  • Rule 1-C was a hot topic these past couple weeks, and it has been decided that nipples will not be allowed in any way shape or form, HOWEVER! They will be acceptable on ferals. Check out part of the discussion here and the final word on it here.
  • What’s that?! a NEW subforum?! The suggestion to introduce Roleplaying onto the forums has now been implemented and we are incredibly excited to see our new Character Lore subforum being put to use! Check out the announcement for it here.


  1. Fellzor has brought up saving poses and rooms when an account runs out of deltas, to avoid having to reupload or delete them. [saving 3 days to a week to allow time to acquire more deltas] Ultimately it seems UD will have to make the final call, but feel free to leave your two cents on the matter!



Epilepsy  was caught warming up to the Guardian! Naughty naughty Gamma! You better hope the Guardianess doesn’t fill your stocking with coal this year!



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