It’s time to party because 2017 has finally arrived!


  • Wolfhome has spoken on who they believe should be 2016’s Member of the Year! A huge congratulations to Elf!

Elf has been a remarkable member of the Wolfhome community! They encourage other members to pursue their artistic talents while wowing our community with their own incredible flair for art. As a role model to many, Elf has humbly maintained a positive aura and shared as much love as they can with each member of our community. Their warm personality is welcoming, admirable, and so appreciated!


  • Regarding Rule 1-C, there will no longer be reminders issued! From now on, warnings will be sent out in regards to a breach of this rule. Make sure to stay out of trouble!


Birthdays in January!

Make sure to toss these Wolfhomers a Happy Birthday wish!

  • Shakespeare – 1st
  • Lester and Irritating – 2nd
  • Clovette and Viper – 4th
  • Harlequin – 6th
  • Yasha – 7th
  • Terraspirit and PRΘNGS/DEITY  – 8th
  • LaughingAssassin – 9th
  • Cadeaux/Decode – 12th
  • Fortune and Off – 17th
  • Coyfox – 18th
  • Clementine, FitForAnAutopsy, and Tortal – 21st
  • KuraiAme and Epilepsy – 24th
  • Aesop/Dusedi, Mercy, and Blaze – 25th
  • AnimalGirl – 27th
  • Fik – 30th

Events, Events, Events!

It seems Wolfhome’s Event Committee is rushing headlong into the new year, because they have a host of events planned to brighten up this January!

WH Winter Banner Contest!: Wolfhome is in dire need of a new banner for this winter season! Feel like spreading the cheer with your unique style of art? Now you can- just head on over to the official to take a peak at the beautiful entries we have so far. A huge shoutout to those who have chosen to participate, your contributions mean a lot to the community! This bi-yearly contest is held by the Wolfhome Administration to replace the old banner with a custom banner made by a member of the community.   The Prizes are : 1st : 25 Deltas, 2nd : 15 Deltas, 3rd : 10 Deltas and will end January 7th, 2017!

Winter Pose Swap!: Sign-ups are officially closed as of January 2nd, 2017! I hope you all are ready for another pose swap to start off the new year! Wolfhome’s pose swaps are an event where you have to draw a pose for a user you are paired with, and you will also receive a pose from another user. You wont know who’s drawing for you until you receive your pose! If you are a contestant, make sure to have your pose completed and submitted by January 30th, 2017!

I’m Dreaming of a Colorful Winter!: The holiday season is upon Wolfhome, and it’s time to get creative! Eventful loves getting creative and all this white snow gets a bit boring.. Can you help me out by helping make my decorations not so boring? They seem a bit bland right now I want them to have more color and be more unique! This event is all about decorating various holiday items, and it will run from December 4th, 2016 to January 14th, 2017! Make sure you stop by to show us your holiday cheer!

Wolfhome Movie Auditions!: Welcome, young actors and actresses, to the first ever Wolfhome Movie Auditions! Has your character felt like they belong in the spotlight? Do they crave the life of a movie star? Well step right up and audition for a movie! Your character could get the main part! To audition for a role in one of Wolfhome’s movies, all you have to do is pick a movie from the topic and draw your character acting in one of the movies scenes. Your audition may be drawn digitally or traditionally, just make sure you remember your lines! Auditions for a role in one of these movies will close on January 20th, 2017!

New Year, New You, New Goals!: New Years is a time for new goals! Many people come up with New Year resolutions, but often fail to stick with it or meet their goal. By visualizing yourself successfully reaching your goal, you can motivate yourself to keep working and sticking with it! Our goal is to see YOU reach your goals, and to encourage you every step of the way! We hope to see the Wolfhome community come out and participate in this event, which will run from January 1st, 2017 to January 15th, 2017!


Recent Spotting!




Takatia has been spotted creeping on some of the Wolfhome Community members! I wonder what she’s up to…

Make sure to have a stellar January Wolfhome!


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