What good is the warmth of summer without the chill of winter

-John Steinbeck



Congratulations to Airplane for making it to Administrative Assistant! Good luck with your training!

A new Team has been introduced to the Wolfhome Forums! The Relations Team! They will be in charge of managing offsite media and trying to promote Wolfhome using other platforms! Interested in applying? See applications here!

Remind yourselves to read up on some Wolfhome Therapy, and remember that we are all exceptional individuals and deserve respect, no matter how much our views of another differ.

With the cold of winter upon us, some of you might be feeling down or just feeling those blues that accompany the chilly season, remember you are Never Alone and there is always someone willing to offer you advice or be a friendly shoulder to lean on.

The Event Committee has been working really hard these days on making some awesome looking critters for you, they have opened up a Design Fundraiser which any and all funds will be going towards event prizes. The design fundraiser is like any other character sale, but the funds you donate go back into the community by becoming event prizes! Take a look and see if you can find a special somebody, just for you!


The winner of the Winter Banner  Contest has been announced! Congratulations to Anoruk for taking home the 25 delta prize and blessing us with a wintery themed banner! Thank you to the others who took the time to draw a banner for our contest, we will be sure to display your art on other platforms to promote Wolfhome! Thank you!mqtax1n


The Valentine’s Card Swap is now up and running! All those who signed up will be posting their finished cards here! Take a peak to see how cute everything turns out!!

The Winter Playlist event runs until the 28th of February, so you have plently of time to put a rockin’ playlist together for a chance to win some deltas!! Check out this event here for more information

Oh, no! Eventful lost ALL of her Valentine’s Day cards! Well wolfhome
it’s up to you again! Eventful needs help in finding all of her Valentine’s Day cards! It seems
like she’s dropped them all over the forums and the chat! Yikes!

Member of the Month!

Evelorian is a very sweet member of the Wolfhome community! She has an uplifting spirit and she is known for being kind and supportive towards everyone. Evelorian is talkative on the chat and always gets involved! She is so very generous and her goal is to always make at least one person smile per day. We are so glad she is a part of our community!

Now introducing. . . Ask Eventful!
Do you have a question? Do you need advice? Then ask Eventful! Every issue of Lunar Phases, Eventful will answer a few questions or give some advice to the users of Wolfhome. If you have something to ask, send a PM to Eventful on the forum with the subject line “Ask Eventful” and they will try to address as many as they can. You may ask to be referred to as a nickname or Anonymous! disclaimer: Eventful is not a trained professional and can not give medical advice. What advice they give is merely a suggestion.



a big happy birthday to our february pups!!

Heyl/Pught – 1st
Echelon – 5th
Novakain – 7th
Kyo – 9th
Saeglopur – 13th
Rhea – 14th
CollyWobbles – 16th
Pya/Bunyip – 19th
Whisp, Tealeaf – 22nd
Sona – 27th
Sick – 28th

be sure to take the time and congratulate them!



“void is not a happy sim”



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