It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise

Mark Twain

Gosh darn. I hope this doesn’t become some sort of trend. I’m super sorry about leaving out the month of May everyone, and boy oh boy we are well into June.. this is embarrassing..

First thing’s first, I owe some cool pups some shoutouts for partaking in the Spring Fever Writing Contest! Vice and Anonymous took home the gold with their lovely entries, and we are excited to finally share them with you all!!

when i came to you
alive and free
all you saw
was failure in me
you broke my spirit
as if i wasn’t yours
vice, 2017

What is love?
Love is but the utmost relinquish of one’s soul to intertwine with the next.
Love is not finishing each other’s sentences, but rather the ability to absorb each and every sound-wave with complete comprehension that leaves you pleading for more.
Love is a one way road, complete with it’s fragmented flaws and obstructions.
Love is playing Russian roulette with a living organism, your ultimate downfall can lie within the one you trusted most.
Love is the crystalline window into the heart and soul of, not your other half, but the spiritually devoted connection between two equal minds.
Love is being able to love completely ignorant to any embellishments and accepting the second-rate factors underneath as their own beauty.
Most importantly, love can be broken down, but never will any attempts even amount to a fraction of the concept of love.

Anonymous, 2017

Wonderful!! Thank you soo much for entering and sharing your interpretations of love ♥

Since we are on our way towards the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR… and YIKES this is my bad, but the EC is looking to give shoutouts to the graduating class of 2017! If you or anybody you know is graduating this month, come on over to our  Class of 2017 thread and fill out the form provided!! Entries are due TODAYYYYYY!!!!

The EC seems to be going through a bit of an event-drought and rough patch, maybe you can help kindle our flames with leaving us some suggestions or ideas for events you’d like to see here: suggest events!!


Vice has rejoined the Event Committee!! We’re thrilled to have them back and see which great events are yet to pass ;D

What’s this? Kaliosa is gone?? NOPE! She’s back to Blackbird! These cool cats are one in the same.

Mab and Aretsu have joined the forces of the Relations Team and are ready to get their paws on WH’s social media channels to keep you updated!!

Since May, Rayna has rejoined the Administration and has been welcomed to ART with open arms, welcome back!

Have suggestions for Wolfhome? Leave them here!

The Wolfhome Administration is hosting a FUNDRAISER to raise some money to put towards a NEW MAP! Come on down and help support the cause!

Birthdays, upcoming and belated!

First off, happy belated birthday to everyone born in May!! We hope you had magical days and got everything you wished for!

Azriel – 3rd
Collide – 6th
Chicago – 8th
Faviere – 10th
Doopliss – 11th
AutumnRain – 11th
Nire – 12th
Kat – 17th
Finch/Epps, Pink – 22nd
Rayna – 23rd
Avani, SGrayWolf – 25th
Rooster – 26th
Vodka/Maggot – 28th
Kewl – 31st

JUNE is yet another month jam-packed with birthdays! Be sure to wish those who’ve had their birthday a happy belated, as well as wish the upcoming pawttttaay pups a great day!
Harley – 1st
NivensMcTwisp – 2nd
Apodyopsis, Urschin – 4th
Jayx – 5th
Panties, Orez – 6th
Vice – 13th
Corsette – 14th
Arkady – 17th
Koifish – 20th
Asult – 26th
Moon Moon – 27th
AkaiKaze – 28th
Jaden – 29th



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