“December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come.”

— Funnel Hudson, A Meaning of Life – Fennel’s Journal – No. 1


  • The Mature Gallery has been removed!
  • The team is now discussing the possibility of Suicide Follow-Ups
  • There may be an option coming soon to Hide/Unhide Emotes
  • New Titles for the forums may be in the works! Have any ideas? Send a Private Message to one of the Administrators and they may use yours!

Relations Team

The Relations Team has added a few more faces! Welcome Rozh and Coyfox to the team!

Event Committee

The Event Committee now has a NEW leader! Send your “congratulations” to Bedagi on her new role!

Want some fun during this Holiday time? Check out the Advent Calendar where there’s LOTS going on every day! You may have more fun than you think.

We still need some SHOUT-OUTS! Do you have a friend that has a birthday coming up? An anniversary with someone you love on Wolfhome (even friendiversaries count!)? Your baby bean’s birthday/due date on the way? Or just want to give a random shout-out to a friend? PM Collide with what you’d like to say, and it will be included in the next Lunar Phases post!

Shout-outs we have received:

Xylthia would like to give this shout-out to Blackbird!

She’s the kindest and sweetest person I have had the pleasure of meeting. It’s a blast to talk to her everyday. She knows how to assess any problem/situation, as well as instantly make you feel better and brighten up your day. She cares a lot for the tiniest things, and her obsession with Sasuke and Kurt is really great to see. She’s turned into a real weeb over a few months.

You know those people who you didn’t know you needed, but once they’re there you ask yourself where they’ve been all your life? That’s Jess. Also since her birthday is coming up: happy birthday, you big weeb.


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