“The only thing we should scream into the world is love.”

– Jane Austen


Let’s start off this month’s Lunar Phases a little differently. Not only is Valentine’s Day coming later on in the month, but we’ve got quite a few birthdays coming up! Don’t forget to tell everyone a “happy birthday”!

Pught – February 1st

Echelon – February 5th

Novakain – February 7th

Kyo – February 9th

Saeglopur – February 13th

Rhea – February 14th

CollyWobbles – February 16th

Bunyip – February 19th

Momo – February 22nd

Shiro – February 24th

Sona – February 27th

Jailbird – February 28th

Valentine’s Day

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Now, throughout January I asked all of you to send me Valentine’s Day messages to show here for your loved ones. Thank you to everyone who sent me a letter to put here! They’re all adorable and I hope everyone gets to see your messages.

From Shu,

Misericordiae – You’ve always been there for me, thank you for that. I don’t know what I’d do without you. ❤

Glide – I will always care for you, even if we’re not together and even if we’re far, far away from each other.

Kyro – You little bean, you keep me sane. ❤

Dork – Even if we don’t talk much you help me get through the day; sometimes with one message. ❤

From Stanely/Anxietyattack,

to: etch
from: stanley

dearest carter,

roses are red,
violets are blue,
i’m still sexy,
uhhh, what happened to you?

i lov you carter
i dont know why im sending this but OH WELL

i just wanna say thank you for being my best friend. you really mean a lot to me and i appreciate you and everything you do, even when you and i fight. (i win all of our arguments and yOU KNOW IT) you’re the biggest loser i know besides me. i’m also glad to call u my fren



From Buster2918,

Hey U SWEATY NERD, just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s day with Rylee and briefly say thank you for still being there for me when I’ve needed you. I know we just started talking again recently, but it’s nice to have nostalgia and memories of what it was like those few years ago. KEEP BEING AWESOME, MY LoSER. I love you (as a friend, of course).


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Fun Time Horoscopes

Before you leave us, why don’t you check out your Horoscope for the month of February? This will be something new that Lunar Phases will be including each month in the future! Thank you for reading!


It’s said: “Fish and bread keep a poor man fed”. However, this proverb can’t be applied to Aries in February. Horoscope for the 2nd month of 2018 advises that Aries will not belong to the modest ones who would be happy only with the basic. The 10 gigabyte data on your mobile phone will evaporate faster than a lemonade may disappear in hot summer. Similarly, when you will look at the sum of your spending on food, clothing and entertainment, it will give you the shivers. Aries, do not worry. The February horoscope only recommends – curb a bit your sense of cultivated taste accompanied by great generosity.


Taurus, in February you will tend to solve problems scientifically. Definitely, you will bet on some “wise” book, a bestseller, rather than on telepathy or intuition. But if Taurus is troubled by unhappy love, or if you have problems in relationships with colleagues or superiors, even the best advices found in books or on internet may not work well. During February, you will find out if you have really good friends. Taurus, the 2018 horoscope tells that close friends, but no one else, will help you overcome the difficulties and will give you best advice on how to prosper.


It’s time for your hobby! February is the right moment for creativity, also for rest, and for building lasting relationships. The horoscope encourages Gemini – If you like design, take a pencil and try to design a brand new chair. A skilful joiner can certainly turn your draft into a real piece of art. And such an unique piece of furniture can also serve as a gift for the one you love. But, if you love animals, adopt a giraffe and support the local ZOO. Finally, February 2018 offers an ideal opportunity to test manual skills as well. Gemini, you can knit up a scarf, make a bird feeder or try to prepare a real handmade three-tier cake for your friends.


The beginning of 2018 is a favourable period for Cancer. February is a month when you will be able to solve all important issues – things will fit perfectly together as pieces of jigsaw puzzles. The February horoscope recommends to go often into the nature, namely for all people born under the Cancer zodiac sign it will be extremely helpful. Here you will find new energy, which is necessary for the next period of the year. The horoscope also reveals that you will probably receive an interesting offer. When you will doubt whether to accept it, simply toss a coin and hear the voice of your fate!


It seems that you should concentrate on education. However, the February horoscope of 2018 shows Leo’s tasks in slightly different light. Leo’s mind will constantly hover in clouds, in the land of dreams and fantasy. Leo may simply fall in love. Who would in such case be interested in Excel charts? Who would be interested in the Latin name of the thigh muscle? Who would be interested in all the works of Ernest Hemingway when the most amazing “babe” is near you? A loud shot from a cannon, let alone an alarm clock, is useless in such case.


February 2018 will be a bumpy road for Virgo. The horoscope encourages men and women born under this zodiac sign to prepare for an unpleasant surprise. Virgo loves comfort, but you have to do without it for a while. Your diplomatic / dramatic talent will be at the forefront. (Virgo usually keep this skill for worse times). Virgo, there may be no other choice but to act. If you are not sure about the right solution, simply join those who have more experience than you.


Libra is known for loving the order. But of course, “too many cooks spoil the broth” is the saying. If you have to arrange a children’s train trip, a corporate party, and a new golf club website that has offered you membership, Libra will get an serious headache. So, we are afraid that in February, people born under Libra will reach the limits of their managerial skills. It is enough when you are in the hurry and you just scratch one important piece of information on the “post-it” paper, and everything may soon go wrong. This yellow paper may accidentally disappear from the fridge, or from the bulletin board, or from the door. Therefore the horoscope warns Libra, stay careful and do not be afraid to say “NO” if you do not already have the situation under control.


February 2018 will stimulate Scorpio’s ability to solve very complex tasks. What is also characteristic is the fact that if you decide to buy a new dress or a tie, it will definitely be some unique piece with complicated ornament or pattern. Scorpio, it is very likely that after the demanding performance of your gray cerebral cortex, you will also appreciate your comfortable bed as well as the loving partner’s arms. In this regard, you will be definitely lucky. Although relationships may be tempestuous in February, Scorpio simply need to feel the pure intensity in love.


Sagittarius, do you know the movie Everything is lost with the famous actor Robert Redford? If not, it might be worth to see it now. February 2018 can bring you a similar worry. Sagittarius, you can feel lonely on your voyage, even though you might have imagined that loneliness would be the source of the desired relaxation. The horoscope highlights that the boundary between perfect relaxation and desperate solitude is quite thin. Do not forget to think about “saving for a rainy day “. Keep all the little but important things in mind during whole February (from one spare battery pack for your mobile phone to one extra pack of sugar in the pantry). And do not worry, everything will go well, in your life as well as in the movie.


Capricorn can expect a great opportunity; you may find a real golden vein during February. However, you do not have to fly to Alaska and buy all the gold mining equipment. It seems that the greatest power of Capricorn lies in interpersonal relationships and in the ability to negotiate, persuade, and bring people together. It will be safe to sneak through tough questions in unpleasant conversations, as if it was the 2018 Slalom World Championship in St. Moritz. If you got into troubles in marriage or partnership last year, now comes the ideal time to fix it.


Aquarius should be alert in February. The desire for retaliation may easily dominate the mind. Obviously, the world is not just. Everything that does the beloved counterpart, mother-in-law or colleagues at work can certainly not be called as “the road to paradise”. But the right answer to the occasional offense is not the emotional terrorism. Aquarius, the horoscope recommends that if someone is behaving badly let him or her know that you will not accept such offense for the second time. That is all.


Pisces, you will perceive the beginning of the 2018 as moving at snail’s pace. But do not be fooled. Things look different at first glance and in comparison with closer examination. A snail can unexpectedly become a tiger that throws away its shell and leaps forward generically. February will therefore be the month when Pisces may overcome prolonged health problems that are also related to slow pace of work. In some cases, process of healing may be miraculous and strong as the story of Harry Potter. According to the horoscope, you may also enjoy interesting encounters and meet new people. Pisces, you’ll actually enjoy February, although it may not look like it now!


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

― Oprah Winfrey


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