“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

― Oprah Winfrey


  • Know someone that would make a good Administrator? Check out this topic to see how you can send in a nomination or two!

Event Committee

  • Don’t forget to congratulate Senka on joining the Event Committee!

Relations Team

  • Welcome Blackbird to the Relations Team!


  • Shii and Aurocard have grown wings and are now flying around the chat as new Gammas! Congratulations you two!

There is something new that has been brought to the forums!

  • Are you tired of those old, stinky Forum Titles? Have any cool ideas for new ones? Check out this topic to find out what’s going on with Forum Titles and how you can suggest new ones!
  • Do you like drawing? Do you like giving to others? Then the 2018 New Year Pose Swap is where you should be looking! Watch out, though. Sign-ups are only until January 10th, so sign up before its too late!
  • Do you have a resolution for 2018? Want to share it with us? Make a post and tell us what your plans for 2018 are!

SAY HELLO TO THE……………………..


Want to check out who it is? CHECK IT OUT HERE



Our current MoTM can be found here!

Wish them both congrats! And don’t forget to nominate someone for future MoTM!

We still need some SHOUT-OUTS! Do you have a friend that has a birthday coming up? An anniversary with someone you love on Wolfhome (even friendiversaries count!)? Your baby bean’s birthday/due date on the way? Or just want to give a random shout-out to a friend? PM Collide with what you’d like to say, and it will be included in the next Lunar Phases post!

And last but not least for this month’s LUNAR PHASES!

I’d personally like to give an ARTIST SHOUT-OUT! But to which artist? Hmm…after lots of careful debating, I have decided to give the very first ARTIST SHOUT-OUT to none other than…


Odiare was previously known as Merr, and she has dealt with many ups and downs in her years of being a loving member of Wolfhome and Chatlands. Her art has people awestruck and some even become inspired! Don’t know her art? Check out her art thread and watch her creations come to life.

Do you know an artist you’d like to give a shout-out to? Submit your suggestions to Collide and perhaps they’ll be nominated in the next Lunar Phases!



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