Artist Adspace

Big bad Clovette!

Wolfhome member Clovette is notorious for her love of green and wild anthro portraits. Her smooth style is recognized far and wide across our Wolfhome Boards, and now she’s here to make her mark. Her Galleries can be found on DeviantArt, Furaffinity and Wolfhome. Be sure to check out her commissions and treat yourself to one of her masterpieces.


What you CAN do:
* Sell adoptables
* Personal use
* Use it anywhere
* Slightly modify (not past recognition)
* Please credit me with a link back! <:

What you CANNOT do:
* Claim as your own art
* Remove the watermark (unless using as a pose on or Chatlands)

Thanks for respecting my rules! ❤ I would love links to the ones you have coloured!! Thank you