“The only thing we should scream into the world is love.”

– Jane Austen


Let’s start off this month’s Lunar Phases a little differently. Not only is Valentine’s Day coming later on in the month, but we’ve got quite a few birthdays coming up! Don’t forget to tell everyone a “happy birthday”!

Pught – February 1st

Echelon – February 5th

Novakain – February 7th

Kyo – February 9th

Saeglopur – February 13th

Rhea – February 14th

CollyWobbles – February 16th

Bunyip – February 19th

Momo – February 22nd

Shiro – February 24th

Sona – February 27th

Jailbird – February 28th

Valentine’s Day

Pixel banner is (c) to SugareeSweets on DeviantART

Now, throughout January I asked all of you to send me Valentine’s Day messages to show here for your loved ones. Thank you to everyone who sent me a letter to put here! They’re all adorable and I hope everyone gets to see your messages.

From Shu,

Misericordiae – You’ve always been there for me, thank you for that. I don’t know what I’d do without you. ❤

Glide – I will always care for you, even if we’re not together and even if we’re far, far away from each other.

Kyro – You little bean, you keep me sane. ❤

Dork – Even if we don’t talk much you help me get through the day; sometimes with one message. ❤

From Stanely/Anxietyattack,

to: etch
from: stanley

dearest carter,

roses are red,
violets are blue,
i’m still sexy,
uhhh, what happened to you?

i lov you carter
i dont know why im sending this but OH WELL

i just wanna say thank you for being my best friend. you really mean a lot to me and i appreciate you and everything you do, even when you and i fight. (i win all of our arguments and yOU KNOW IT) you’re the biggest loser i know besides me. i’m also glad to call u my fren



From Buster2918,

Hey U SWEATY NERD, just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s day with Rylee and briefly say thank you for still being there for me when I’ve needed you. I know we just started talking again recently, but it’s nice to have nostalgia and memories of what it was like those few years ago. KEEP BEING AWESOME, MY LoSER. I love you (as a friend, of course).


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Fun Time Horoscopes

Before you leave us, why don’t you check out your Horoscope for the month of February? This will be something new that Lunar Phases will be including each month in the future! Thank you for reading!


It’s said: “Fish and bread keep a poor man fed”. However, this proverb can’t be applied to Aries in February. Horoscope for the 2nd month of 2018 advises that Aries will not belong to the modest ones who would be happy only with the basic. The 10 gigabyte data on your mobile phone will evaporate faster than a lemonade may disappear in hot summer. Similarly, when you will look at the sum of your spending on food, clothing and entertainment, it will give you the shivers. Aries, do not worry. The February horoscope only recommends – curb a bit your sense of cultivated taste accompanied by great generosity.


Taurus, in February you will tend to solve problems scientifically. Definitely, you will bet on some “wise” book, a bestseller, rather than on telepathy or intuition. But if Taurus is troubled by unhappy love, or if you have problems in relationships with colleagues or superiors, even the best advices found in books or on internet may not work well. During February, you will find out if you have really good friends. Taurus, the 2018 horoscope tells that close friends, but no one else, will help you overcome the difficulties and will give you best advice on how to prosper.


It’s time for your hobby! February is the right moment for creativity, also for rest, and for building lasting relationships. The horoscope encourages Gemini – If you like design, take a pencil and try to design a brand new chair. A skilful joiner can certainly turn your draft into a real piece of art. And such an unique piece of furniture can also serve as a gift for the one you love. But, if you love animals, adopt a giraffe and support the local ZOO. Finally, February 2018 offers an ideal opportunity to test manual skills as well. Gemini, you can knit up a scarf, make a bird feeder or try to prepare a real handmade three-tier cake for your friends.


The beginning of 2018 is a favourable period for Cancer. February is a month when you will be able to solve all important issues – things will fit perfectly together as pieces of jigsaw puzzles. The February horoscope recommends to go often into the nature, namely for all people born under the Cancer zodiac sign it will be extremely helpful. Here you will find new energy, which is necessary for the next period of the year. The horoscope also reveals that you will probably receive an interesting offer. When you will doubt whether to accept it, simply toss a coin and hear the voice of your fate!


It seems that you should concentrate on education. However, the February horoscope of 2018 shows Leo’s tasks in slightly different light. Leo’s mind will constantly hover in clouds, in the land of dreams and fantasy. Leo may simply fall in love. Who would in such case be interested in Excel charts? Who would be interested in the Latin name of the thigh muscle? Who would be interested in all the works of Ernest Hemingway when the most amazing “babe” is near you? A loud shot from a cannon, let alone an alarm clock, is useless in such case.


February 2018 will be a bumpy road for Virgo. The horoscope encourages men and women born under this zodiac sign to prepare for an unpleasant surprise. Virgo loves comfort, but you have to do without it for a while. Your diplomatic / dramatic talent will be at the forefront. (Virgo usually keep this skill for worse times). Virgo, there may be no other choice but to act. If you are not sure about the right solution, simply join those who have more experience than you.


Libra is known for loving the order. But of course, “too many cooks spoil the broth” is the saying. If you have to arrange a children’s train trip, a corporate party, and a new golf club website that has offered you membership, Libra will get an serious headache. So, we are afraid that in February, people born under Libra will reach the limits of their managerial skills. It is enough when you are in the hurry and you just scratch one important piece of information on the “post-it” paper, and everything may soon go wrong. This yellow paper may accidentally disappear from the fridge, or from the bulletin board, or from the door. Therefore the horoscope warns Libra, stay careful and do not be afraid to say “NO” if you do not already have the situation under control.


February 2018 will stimulate Scorpio’s ability to solve very complex tasks. What is also characteristic is the fact that if you decide to buy a new dress or a tie, it will definitely be some unique piece with complicated ornament or pattern. Scorpio, it is very likely that after the demanding performance of your gray cerebral cortex, you will also appreciate your comfortable bed as well as the loving partner’s arms. In this regard, you will be definitely lucky. Although relationships may be tempestuous in February, Scorpio simply need to feel the pure intensity in love.


Sagittarius, do you know the movie Everything is lost with the famous actor Robert Redford? If not, it might be worth to see it now. February 2018 can bring you a similar worry. Sagittarius, you can feel lonely on your voyage, even though you might have imagined that loneliness would be the source of the desired relaxation. The horoscope highlights that the boundary between perfect relaxation and desperate solitude is quite thin. Do not forget to think about “saving for a rainy day “. Keep all the little but important things in mind during whole February (from one spare battery pack for your mobile phone to one extra pack of sugar in the pantry). And do not worry, everything will go well, in your life as well as in the movie.


Capricorn can expect a great opportunity; you may find a real golden vein during February. However, you do not have to fly to Alaska and buy all the gold mining equipment. It seems that the greatest power of Capricorn lies in interpersonal relationships and in the ability to negotiate, persuade, and bring people together. It will be safe to sneak through tough questions in unpleasant conversations, as if it was the 2018 Slalom World Championship in St. Moritz. If you got into troubles in marriage or partnership last year, now comes the ideal time to fix it.


Aquarius should be alert in February. The desire for retaliation may easily dominate the mind. Obviously, the world is not just. Everything that does the beloved counterpart, mother-in-law or colleagues at work can certainly not be called as “the road to paradise”. But the right answer to the occasional offense is not the emotional terrorism. Aquarius, the horoscope recommends that if someone is behaving badly let him or her know that you will not accept such offense for the second time. That is all.


Pisces, you will perceive the beginning of the 2018 as moving at snail’s pace. But do not be fooled. Things look different at first glance and in comparison with closer examination. A snail can unexpectedly become a tiger that throws away its shell and leaps forward generically. February will therefore be the month when Pisces may overcome prolonged health problems that are also related to slow pace of work. In some cases, process of healing may be miraculous and strong as the story of Harry Potter. According to the horoscope, you may also enjoy interesting encounters and meet new people. Pisces, you’ll actually enjoy February, although it may not look like it now!


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

― Oprah Winfrey


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“December, being the last month of the year, cannot help but make us think of what is to come.”

— Funnel Hudson, A Meaning of Life – Fennel’s Journal – No. 1


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Xylthia would like to give this shout-out to Blackbird!

She’s the kindest and sweetest person I have had the pleasure of meeting. It’s a blast to talk to her everyday. She knows how to assess any problem/situation, as well as instantly make you feel better and brighten up your day. She cares a lot for the tiniest things, and her obsession with Sasuke and Kurt is really great to see. She’s turned into a real weeb over a few months.

You know those people who you didn’t know you needed, but once they’re there you ask yourself where they’ve been all your life? That’s Jess. Also since her birthday is coming up: happy birthday, you big weeb.

“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


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The summer morn is bright and fresh, the birds are darting by As if they loved to breast the breeze that sweeps the cool clear sky.



– William C. Bryant


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“U thought I was cargo ship??? no, tis I, CORGO ship!! B A M B O O Z L E D again!!”


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June’s MotM

Mars is our June Member of the Month because of his quirky personality that all of Wolfhome has come to enjoy. He’s a total sweetheart that has the ability to befriend anyone! His nonstop jokes are a crowd favorite, and they can easily lift someone’s mood. So we’d like to take the time to thank Mars for being such a cherished member of this community.

July’s Artist Spotlight

Is Odiare! Odiare is a long time user that is greatly loved by the Wolfhome community! Their unique style has only grown and matured over the years, and we’re so happy to see how far they’ve come! Every piece they create is made with the utmost care, and it’s an absolute joy to look at all the art that they have created! Their beautiful art can be found across multiple sites like deviantArt and furAffinity. Be sure to keep a lookout on their commissions topic if you’re looking to invest in some stunning art!

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Lawliet – 2nd
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Coming up in the World

Today (July 1st) is CANADA DAY, Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday, holy smokes! Be sure to wish your (fellow) canadian friends a safe and happy canada day and a wonderous day of celebration! You can read up on it more here!

July 4th is INDEPENDENCE DAY, the US of A will be celebrating 241 years of being a self-governing nation! We are wish our (fellow) american friends a happy fourth of July and a happy day of celebration! Stay safe and have fun out there everyone! Read up more on Independence Day here!

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SHARK WEEK! coming july 23rd, if i’m not mistaken!

~Todays horoscopes~

as per this website!

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) – You may be a bit confused today, Capricorn. Nothing seems to fit right. It’s as if you’re faced with many different roads, unsure of which one to take. All the choices seem reasonable and you may fear you will miss out on something great whichever one you choose. The truth is that you can find a way that incorporates what you’ve learned from previous paths. Trust yourself. Todays matches: Love (Virgo), Friendship (Pisces), Career (Gemini)

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)– You may be tormented by an important decision today, Aquarius. The good news is that once you make up your mind, you will feel much better about yourself. Until then, however, you may vacillate from one side to the other. Asking others for advice may put you in even more of a quandary. The only one who can decide your path is you. Todays matches: Love (Sagittarius), Friendship (Aries), Career (Virgo)

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20 ) – You may be a little hesitant today, Pisces, and not really sure why. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, another aspect comes up with a completely different perspective. It may be hard to choose one path and stick with it. Keep in mind that your unique path may incorporate many different side paths. This is one of your many gifts. Todays matches: Love (Sagittarius), Friendship (Gemini), Career (Virgo)

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19 ) Watch your back today, Aries. There’s a distinct presence nearby that requires your attention. Luckily, your emotions are a lot more stable than usual, and you’re more strongly connected with your feelings. In fact, you may be in the clouds. You shouldn’t have any problem navigating through this part of the atmosphere. Others may look to you for advice. Todays matches: Love (Aquarius), Friendship (Leo), Career (Scorpio)

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20) You may look confused today, Taurus. It may be hard for you to stick with one subject. Your attention may jump from one thing to another. That’s OK. There’s a distinct advantage to seeing all sides of the story. You will have greater perception and awareness of things today. Take this opportunity to put yourself in other people’s shoes so you know how to deal with them in the future. Todays matches: Love (Pisces), Frienhttps://wordpress.com/post/lunarphaseswh.wordpress.com/665dship (Virgo), Career (Sagittarius)

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) You may find it difficult to keep things neat and organized today, Gemini. It seems like you’re tying to organize a room full of feathers buffeted by gusts of wind. Buy a paperweight. Meanwhile, you might want to give up organizing the feathers and deal with it another time. You may feel too lazy to fight the wind. Todays matches: Love (Pisces), Friendship (Virgo), Career (Sagittarius)

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Your expansive, outwardly directed plans are moving at full force, but once in a while self-doubt slows things down, Cancer. Today is one of those days in which insecurity may hamper your progress. The secret to success is to consider all the options and trust your instincts. Use your keen powers of observation to collect data and arrange facts in an orderly fashion. Todays matches: Love (Aries), Friendship (Virgo), Career (Capricorn)

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) Your emotions are more peaceful and easier to control today, Leo. It’s almost as if you’re merging with the energy around you. The one thing to be careful of is indecision. When it comes to taking action on something and you aren’t sure which way to go, you’d do better to hold off. Make your big move some other day.  Todays matches: Love (Aries), Friendship (Libra), Career (Capricorn)

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Go with the flow today, Virgo. Find the freedom you seek by simply following the path of least resistance. There’s no reason for you to be unhappy. Life doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Just be completely yourself. People will act the way they need to in relation to you. Don’t worry about their feelings. They aren’t your responsibility.   Todays matches: Love (Cancer), Friendship (Capricorn), Career (Aquarius)

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22) Your heightened sensitivity could get you in trouble today, Libra. The more you try to pin down a specific answer to something, the more resistance you may encounter. Don’t expect a straight answer from anyone or you will be disappointed. People may be flighty or forgetful. Try not to take anything too seriously today. Todays matches: Love (Cancer), Friendship (Aquarius), Career (Pisces)

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Your expansive nature is reaching out to others, Scorpio, but you may run into opposition. Keep in mind that not everyone wants your advice. Give it only if someone asks for it. It may be in your nature to want to jump into people’s lives and fix things. Resist that temptation. What people may need instead is someone to listen. Todays matches: Love (Leo), Friendship (Pisces), Career (Taurus)

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Your general mood is at a peak today, although this mood is slightly off due to indecision on your part, Sagittarius. Don’t let this get you down. If you find it hard to make a choice about something, the solution is simple. Put off making the choice until you feel more comfortable about it. If you must make a decision today, go with your instincts. Todays matches: Love (Leo), Friendship (Aquarius), Career (Cancer)


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It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise

Mark Twain

Gosh darn. I hope this doesn’t become some sort of trend. I’m super sorry about leaving out the month of May everyone, and boy oh boy we are well into June.. this is embarrassing..

First thing’s first, I owe some cool pups some shoutouts for partaking in the Spring Fever Writing Contest! Vice and Anonymous took home the gold with their lovely entries, and we are excited to finally share them with you all!!

when i came to you
alive and free
all you saw
was failure in me
you broke my spirit
as if i wasn’t yours
vice, 2017

What is love?
Love is but the utmost relinquish of one’s soul to intertwine with the next.
Love is not finishing each other’s sentences, but rather the ability to absorb each and every sound-wave with complete comprehension that leaves you pleading for more.
Love is a one way road, complete with it’s fragmented flaws and obstructions.
Love is playing Russian roulette with a living organism, your ultimate downfall can lie within the one you trusted most.
Love is the crystalline window into the heart and soul of, not your other half, but the spiritually devoted connection between two equal minds.
Love is being able to love completely ignorant to any embellishments and accepting the second-rate factors underneath as their own beauty.
Most importantly, love can be broken down, but never will any attempts even amount to a fraction of the concept of love.

Anonymous, 2017

Wonderful!! Thank you soo much for entering and sharing your interpretations of love ♥

Since we are on our way towards the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR… and YIKES this is my bad, but the EC is looking to give shoutouts to the graduating class of 2017! If you or anybody you know is graduating this month, come on over to our  Class of 2017 thread and fill out the form provided!! Entries are due TODAYYYYYY!!!!

The EC seems to be going through a bit of an event-drought and rough patch, maybe you can help kindle our flames with leaving us some suggestions or ideas for events you’d like to see here: suggest events!!


Vice has rejoined the Event Committee!! We’re thrilled to have them back and see which great events are yet to pass ;D

What’s this? Kaliosa is gone?? NOPE! She’s back to Blackbird! These cool cats are one in the same.

Mab and Aretsu have joined the forces of the Relations Team and are ready to get their paws on WH’s social media channels to keep you updated!!

Since May, Rayna has rejoined the Administration and has been welcomed to ART with open arms, welcome back!

Have suggestions for Wolfhome? Leave them here!

The Wolfhome Administration is hosting a FUNDRAISER to raise some money to put towards a NEW MAP! Come on down and help support the cause!

Birthdays, upcoming and belated!

First off, happy belated birthday to everyone born in May!! We hope you had magical days and got everything you wished for!

Azriel – 3rd
Collide – 6th
Chicago – 8th
Faviere – 10th
Doopliss – 11th
AutumnRain – 11th
Nire – 12th
Kat – 17th
Finch/Epps, Pink – 22nd
Rayna – 23rd
Avani, SGrayWolf – 25th
Rooster – 26th
Vodka/Maggot – 28th
Kewl – 31st

JUNE is yet another month jam-packed with birthdays! Be sure to wish those who’ve had their birthday a happy belated, as well as wish the upcoming pawttttaay pups a great day!
Harley – 1st
NivensMcTwisp – 2nd
Apodyopsis, Urschin – 4th
Jayx – 5th
Panties, Orez – 6th
Vice – 13th
Corsette – 14th
Arkady – 17th
Koifish – 20th
Asult – 26th
Moon Moon – 27th
AkaiKaze – 28th
Jaden – 29th


comin’ in like a lion… goin out like a lamb

Boy oh boy!! where have I been?! Sorry guys! I just got out of my mid-winter slumber, and woke up to find out that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! for more than a week, gee whiz.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so let’s start with March’s MotM, an extraordinary Administrator by the username, Fik. Fik‘s been with us for quite some time and has shown her dedication to our community in more ways than one! Those being, her time spent on the Administration team, even helping out as an Alpha, to being actively engaged with the Event Committee by creating new and exciting events for you to participate in. She’s one heck of a person and you really deserved some recognition for your hard work around here! Congratulations!!

Hocus hosted a Pot of Gold event, much similar to the Advent Calendar, where users were asked a series of questions on a daily basis and received a shamrock! Those shamrocks could be collected and used to pay for prizes at our prize booth. You can read all about it here!

Epilepsy and Aeolia LOST the Wolfhome Mascots, but thank goodness a few people came out strong and found them! What would we ever do without Eventful?!


  • Affliction and Kuvi joined the Forum Squad, and because that wasn’t enough, Affliction made it onto ART, alongside Fik, as well!
  • This is old news by now, but our Blackbird now currently goes by Kaliosa, for those who were not aware of the name change!
  • April MotM was April the Giraffe!! She has shown an incredible amount of strength and perserverance within— wait a minute. Is this a joke? What kind of games are the EC trying to play with me here. Not once have I seen a user by that name, I’m onto you guys…
  • a Big welcome to Bedagi, syzygy and Little to the Event Committee! We look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for us!
  • The Relations Team just keeps getting bigger! Akala will be stepping in for Clovette while she’s on hiatus, and Coyfox has sensed his inner green goblin and is takin’ care of business!


Anoruk is hosting a Spring Pose Swap! The sign ups have since closed but stop on by the pick up topic to see the sweet results!!

Fik is hosting a writing event until April 24th, so there is still plenty of time to get your lovely entries in for a chance to win some deltas. Get it? lovely?? … You will.

Artemis is hosting a National Health day event, where you draw your character engaging in healthy activity!!It could range from eating an apple or just making it up that flight of stairs. Better hurry up though, it ends tomorrow! (April 7th!)

Takatia is gearing down to host an easter egg hunt!! I’m so excited!! I’m definately going to find them all. Right after I get my gobble on. Stay tuned, it will start April 15th and ONLY run for TWO DAYS!!


  • Takatia gave an update on the 1st of March (yikes, sorry guys!!) regarding Wolfhome getting a temporary map while the Administration searches for a map artist to commission!! How exciting!
  • There’s a new update for ultimate subscribers! You can enter a full room and make it 16/15! wooo!!
  • This one’s an oldie too, ART has made changes to their guidelines in regards to AFK poses and Copy/Pasted Textures, read the full update here: AFK Poses and Copy/Pasted Textures
  • Takatia clarifies our guidelines on inanimate objects in public rooms: 
    • “After the poll where everyone specified what they did and did not want to see in public rooms, it became clear the one thing people aren’t wanting to see in rooms is inanimate object poses. And with our older rule on AFK poses, it was pretty easy for people to have an inanimate object as a pose in public rooms so long as “AFK” was present. This rule applies for any object that isn’t canine related. A doghouse or bone AFK pose, for example, would still be acceptable in public rooms. But a rock with “AFK” carved into it wouldn’t be acceptable in public rooms. However if you added a tail behind the rock, it would then be usable in public rooms.”  it’s all here!
  • Interested in having your art advertised by the Wolfhome Relations Team? Read up on it here!

March birthdays, sorry to have missed you all!! I hope you all had wonderful birthdays!!

Echoplex – 2nd
Little – 7th
Katsute – 8th
Llewellyn – 12th
Bully – 13th
Ricochet – 15th
Era – 28th
Artemis, Pepperpaws – 31st

April Birthdays

Sol – 1st
Vitae, Loup/Aardwolf – 7th
Chewy/Sleuth – 8th
AquaTheBirb – 9th
Arcade – 16th
Fable/Owl, Rottweiler – 21st
Saviour – 22nd
Achak – 23rd
Bark – 26th
Squeak – 27th

Share some love

Clovette is going through a rough patch and could use a few sweet words of encouragement and lots of prayers for her family, which you can offer by commenting on this topic with her updates, or by sending her a PM.  Stay strong xx

Mab could use a pick-me up or two, they’ve been feeling down lately and in a rut. You can comment here, or send them a PM.

Juicebox was recently in a car accident, and we thank the good graces of the honey bees that they are alive and well. Here is a small update from them, if you are waiting on something from them, please be patient!

We have lots of new users just waiting to be welcomed! Check out Intros and Interviews to say hi!

What good is the warmth of summer without the chill of winter

-John Steinbeck



Congratulations to Airplane for making it to Administrative Assistant! Good luck with your training!

A new Team has been introduced to the Wolfhome Forums! The Relations Team! They will be in charge of managing offsite media and trying to promote Wolfhome using other platforms! Interested in applying? See applications here!

Remind yourselves to read up on some Wolfhome Therapy, and remember that we are all exceptional individuals and deserve respect, no matter how much our views of another differ.

With the cold of winter upon us, some of you might be feeling down or just feeling those blues that accompany the chilly season, remember you are Never Alone and there is always someone willing to offer you advice or be a friendly shoulder to lean on.

The Event Committee has been working really hard these days on making some awesome looking critters for you, they have opened up a Design Fundraiser which any and all funds will be going towards event prizes. The design fundraiser is like any other character sale, but the funds you donate go back into the community by becoming event prizes! Take a look and see if you can find a special somebody, just for you!


The winner of the Winter Banner  Contest has been announced! Congratulations to Anoruk for taking home the 25 delta prize and blessing us with a wintery themed banner! Thank you to the others who took the time to draw a banner for our contest, we will be sure to display your art on other platforms to promote Wolfhome! Thank you!mqtax1n


The Valentine’s Card Swap is now up and running! All those who signed up will be posting their finished cards here! Take a peak to see how cute everything turns out!!

The Winter Playlist event runs until the 28th of February, so you have plently of time to put a rockin’ playlist together for a chance to win some deltas!! Check out this event here for more information

Oh, no! Eventful lost ALL of her Valentine’s Day cards! Well wolfhome
it’s up to you again! Eventful needs help in finding all of her Valentine’s Day cards! It seems
like she’s dropped them all over the forums and the chat! Yikes!

Member of the Month!

Evelorian is a very sweet member of the Wolfhome community! She has an uplifting spirit and she is known for being kind and supportive towards everyone. Evelorian is talkative on the chat and always gets involved! She is so very generous and her goal is to always make at least one person smile per day. We are so glad she is a part of our community!

Now introducing. . . Ask Eventful!
Do you have a question? Do you need advice? Then ask Eventful! Every issue of Lunar Phases, Eventful will answer a few questions or give some advice to the users of Wolfhome. If you have something to ask, send a PM to Eventful on the forum with the subject line “Ask Eventful” and they will try to address as many as they can. You may ask to be referred to as a nickname or Anonymous! disclaimer: Eventful is not a trained professional and can not give medical advice. What advice they give is merely a suggestion.



a big happy birthday to our february pups!!

Heyl/Pught – 1st
Echelon – 5th
Novakain – 7th
Kyo – 9th
Saeglopur – 13th
Rhea – 14th
CollyWobbles – 16th
Pya/Bunyip – 19th
Whisp, Tealeaf – 22nd
Sona – 27th
Sick – 28th

be sure to take the time and congratulate them!



“void is not a happy sim”


“Little January Tapped at my door today. And said, “Put on your winter wraps, And come outdoors to play.”

Winifred C. Marshall, January


Congratuations and a big Welcome back to Fik for rejoining the Forum Department as well as to Kuvi (formerly Bonsai) for being repromoted to Gamma! Welcome back to your departments you two!

Eek, Criminals and Maggot have joined forces with the Event Committee and we can’t wait to see what kind of new and exciting events they have to offer! Congratulations you three!

A new Team has been introduced to the Wolfhome Forums! The Relations Team! They will be in charge of managing offsite media and trying to promote Wolfhome using other platforms! Interested in applying? See applications here!

We now have an Artist Review Document! This is an offsite document hosted by Wolfhome which will contain both negative and positive reviews from users who have had experience with artists on Wolfhome. Be sure to check out the announcement in the link above for more information!

The Wolfhome Fairy has been brought back to life!! The Wolfhome Fairy is a Wolfhome helper that appears on chat to give out free deltas to members of the community who may not be able afford to have deltas or don’t have the means of acquiring them. She goes from public room to public room in search of new and old users alike. There’s a catch, though! Once you find her, the Wolfhome Fairy will ask you a perplexing question or riddle. You must answer her correctly in order to receive your prize! You can participate if you have deltas! Just please bare in mind that free accounts will be a higher priority.

Eventful has a Treasure Chest!!

Eventful’s Treasure Chest is a point-system developed by Xina! Each event will  now have a stamp associated with it, and it will be found under the prize section on the original post of the topic. If you participate in the event, a stamp will be added next to your name on the thread once the event is over. Once you earn a certain number of stamps, you may trade them in for various prizes and permissions!
Once you trade in stamps, they disappear, so spend them wisely! Be sure to give Xina a big Thank you for developing this idea!!


  • Regarding Rule 1-C, there will no longer be reminders issued! From now on, warnings will be sent out in regards to a breach of this rule. Make sure to stay out of trouble!
  • Regarding the previous Rule 22:  The Administration decided to honor the majority vote and are no longer going to be enforcing it. However, since the votes were so close and some members of the community expressed concern about getting rid of the rule, they are conducting a trial run for an undecided amount of time to see how well the markets fare without it. If everything runs smoothly with this rule being gone, they will not reinstate it.
  • What this means for you:
    – The rule regarding character transaction (C)s and permissions is gone for the time being. You will no longer receive reminders on your topics for copyrights and permissions; therefore, you will also no longer receive warnings regarding these things.
    – We will not be accepting reports for topics lacking (C)s/permissions at this time. During this trial run, all reports that we receive regarding these things will not be counted against you as false reporting (unless you continue to do so after a couple of reminders). We will be closing the report and sending you a reminder/explanation that we have changed the rules.
    – If you do find a case of someone falsifying permissions, breaking a ToS, or providing improper copyrights, gather proof and evidence that they are doing so and then report it. All reports made regarding permissions, ToS’s, and copyrights must have all proof and evidence brought forth at the time of the report. We will not be digging through the forum to look for these things ourselves. If a report does not provide adequate proof, it will be closed until more proof can be provided.

January Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Aeolia!
Aeolia is a loving member of the community, admin team, and event committee! She always does her best to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and appreciated! She goes out of her way to help out anyone who is in need and is always volunteering her time to various events. She is a huge sweetheart and we are so thankful that she is part of this wonderful community. You can congratulate her here!

If you’d like to nominate someone for MotM, please PM this account with their username (both forum and chat) and a reason why you’ve nominated them and why they deserve to be chosen. You may nominate up to 5 persons each month, and you can vote users multiple months in a row if they have not been chosen yet.


Takatia hosted a Winter pose swaps, which sign ups are now closed for, however the results are being posted daily and they are beautiful!! Check out the entries here.
If you are a contestant, make sure to have your pose completed and submitted by January 30th, 2017!

Wolfhome Movie Auditions!: Welcome, young actors and actresses, to the first ever Wolfhome Movie Auditions! Has your character felt like they belong in the spotlight? Do they crave the life of a movie star? Well step right up and audition for a movie! Your character could get the main part! To audition for a role in one of Wolfhome’s movies, all you have to do is pick a movie from the topic and draw your character acting in one of the movies scenes. Your audition may be drawn digitally or traditionally, just make sure you remember your lines! Auditions for a role in one of these movies will close on January 20th, 2017!

Awoo! Am I seeing hearts?! Xina is hosting the Valentine’s Day Card Swap this year! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way is there to show your friends you care, than by giving them a valentine! This is a card swap *not a pose swap*. You will be drawing for the user you are paired with and will be receiving your card from another user.  Sign-ups have just been posted and we are excited to see the upcoming valentine cards!

It’s time to party because 2017 has finally arrived!


  • Wolfhome has spoken on who they believe should be 2016’s Member of the Year! A huge congratulations to Elf!

Elf has been a remarkable member of the Wolfhome community! They encourage other members to pursue their artistic talents while wowing our community with their own incredible flair for art. As a role model to many, Elf has humbly maintained a positive aura and shared as much love as they can with each member of our community. Their warm personality is welcoming, admirable, and so appreciated!


  • Regarding Rule 1-C, there will no longer be reminders issued! From now on, warnings will be sent out in regards to a breach of this rule. Make sure to stay out of trouble!


Birthdays in January!

Make sure to toss these Wolfhomers a Happy Birthday wish!

  • Shakespeare – 1st
  • Lester and Irritating – 2nd
  • Clovette and Viper – 4th
  • Harlequin – 6th
  • Yasha – 7th
  • Terraspirit and PRΘNGS/DEITY  – 8th
  • LaughingAssassin – 9th
  • Cadeaux/Decode – 12th
  • Fortune and Off – 17th
  • Coyfox – 18th
  • Clementine, FitForAnAutopsy, and Tortal – 21st
  • KuraiAme and Epilepsy – 24th
  • Aesop/Dusedi, Mercy, and Blaze – 25th
  • AnimalGirl – 27th
  • Fik – 30th

Events, Events, Events!

It seems Wolfhome’s Event Committee is rushing headlong into the new year, because they have a host of events planned to brighten up this January!

WH Winter Banner Contest!: Wolfhome is in dire need of a new banner for this winter season! Feel like spreading the cheer with your unique style of art? Now you can- just head on over to the official to take a peak at the beautiful entries we have so far. A huge shoutout to those who have chosen to participate, your contributions mean a lot to the community! This bi-yearly contest is held by the Wolfhome Administration to replace the old banner with a custom banner made by a member of the community.   The Prizes are : 1st : 25 Deltas, 2nd : 15 Deltas, 3rd : 10 Deltas and will end January 7th, 2017!

Winter Pose Swap!: Sign-ups are officially closed as of January 2nd, 2017! I hope you all are ready for another pose swap to start off the new year! Wolfhome’s pose swaps are an event where you have to draw a pose for a user you are paired with, and you will also receive a pose from another user. You wont know who’s drawing for you until you receive your pose! If you are a contestant, make sure to have your pose completed and submitted by January 30th, 2017!

I’m Dreaming of a Colorful Winter!: The holiday season is upon Wolfhome, and it’s time to get creative! Eventful loves getting creative and all this white snow gets a bit boring.. Can you help me out by helping make my decorations not so boring? They seem a bit bland right now I want them to have more color and be more unique! This event is all about decorating various holiday items, and it will run from December 4th, 2016 to January 14th, 2017! Make sure you stop by to show us your holiday cheer!

Wolfhome Movie Auditions!: Welcome, young actors and actresses, to the first ever Wolfhome Movie Auditions! Has your character felt like they belong in the spotlight? Do they crave the life of a movie star? Well step right up and audition for a movie! Your character could get the main part! To audition for a role in one of Wolfhome’s movies, all you have to do is pick a movie from the topic and draw your character acting in one of the movies scenes. Your audition may be drawn digitally or traditionally, just make sure you remember your lines! Auditions for a role in one of these movies will close on January 20th, 2017!

New Year, New You, New Goals!: New Years is a time for new goals! Many people come up with New Year resolutions, but often fail to stick with it or meet their goal. By visualizing yourself successfully reaching your goal, you can motivate yourself to keep working and sticking with it! Our goal is to see YOU reach your goals, and to encourage you every step of the way! We hope to see the Wolfhome community come out and participate in this event, which will run from January 1st, 2017 to January 15th, 2017!


Recent Spotting!




Takatia has been spotted creeping on some of the Wolfhome Community members! I wonder what she’s up to…

Make sure to have a stellar January Wolfhome!