Out with the old, and in with the new!


Welcome to our new platform for Lunar Phases!! We weren’t 100% satisified with how blogspot was formatted so we decided to test the waters with wordpress! We hope that we have found our new home here, and that you grow to like it just as much as we have! A big thank you to Clovette for setting us up here and laying down the groundwork!

Congratulations to EPILEPSY for passing their Administrative training and becoming a GAMMA!

The big green machine, Clovette, has been secretly revamping the classic set and finished her touch ups just in time for Wolfhome’s Anniversary! A big thank you for all the time you spent cleaning up those loose pixels!!

Member of the Month!
It’s that time again where we nominate a member of our community that has shown others kindness and compassion throughout the previous month(s)!
Coyfox is an amazing admin and friend to many on Wolfhome, who will go out of his way to help anyone in the WH community! He always ALWAYS has nothing but kind words to say to everyone! Coyfox is incredibly supportive of not only his friends but to everyone here and truly spreads positivity! We are lucky and thankful to have you here, and we appreciate all that you do both as a friend and as an admin! Congratulations!

If you’d like to nominate someone for MotM, please PM MotM‘s account with their username (both forum and chat) and a reason why you’ve nominated them and why they deserve to be chosen. You may nominate up to 5 persons each month, and you can vote users multiple months in a row if they have not been chosen yet.

Events, Events, Events!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to plan a few things to keep you warm and cozy during the fast approaching winter months!

Aeolia is doing her best to round up donations from within the community for this years Advent Calendar! There are still a few remaining slots left, so come on down and grab yourself a number! We would like all donations to be in by November 23rd to ensure enough time to throw the last few arrangements for the event together! Read more about the Advent Calendar, or sign up, here!

Caption that!


Win 2 Δ with the best caption of the above photo! Featuring: lunarmoon99, lowkeythegreat as laughers, the masked midnightfang, Grim and Aeolia! You may post your answers below, or submit them to Aeolia!     This contest ends November 14th


We have a lot of upcoming November birthdays within the community, be sure to drop them a PM to wish them a special day! Nicolas (2nd), CrystalBullet (6th), Comet (9th),
Vide (10th), AceWolfe (11th) Sammie & Leer (13th), Ruwa-senpai (14th), and Gunmetal  (17th)!