comin’ in like a lion… goin out like a lamb

Boy oh boy!! where have I been?! Sorry guys! I just got out of my mid-winter slumber, and woke up to find out that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! for more than a week, gee whiz.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so let’s start with March’s MotM, an extraordinary Administrator by the username, Fik. Fik‘s been with us for quite some time and has shown her dedication to our community in more ways than one! Those being, her time spent on the Administration team, even helping out as an Alpha, to being actively engaged with the Event Committee by creating new and exciting events for you to participate in. She’s one heck of a person and you really deserved some recognition for your hard work around here! Congratulations!!

Hocus hosted a Pot of Gold event, much similar to the Advent Calendar, where users were asked a series of questions on a daily basis and received a shamrock! Those shamrocks could be collected and used to pay for prizes at our prize booth. You can read all about it here!

Epilepsy and Aeolia LOST the Wolfhome Mascots, but thank goodness a few people came out strong and found them! What would we ever do without Eventful?!


  • Affliction and Kuvi joined the Forum Squad, and because that wasn’t enough, Affliction made it onto ART, alongside Fik, as well!
  • This is old news by now, but our Blackbird now currently goes by Kaliosa, for those who were not aware of the name change!
  • April MotM was April the Giraffe!! She has shown an incredible amount of strength and perserverance within— wait a minute. Is this a joke? What kind of games are the EC trying to play with me here. Not once have I seen a user by that name, I’m onto you guys…
  • a Big welcome to Bedagi, syzygy and Little to the Event Committee! We look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for us!
  • The Relations Team just keeps getting bigger! Akala will be stepping in for Clovette while she’s on hiatus, and Coyfox has sensed his inner green goblin and is takin’ care of business!


Anoruk is hosting a Spring Pose Swap! The sign ups have since closed but stop on by the pick up topic to see the sweet results!!

Fik is hosting a writing event until April 24th, so there is still plenty of time to get your lovely entries in for a chance to win some deltas. Get it? lovely?? … You will.

Artemis is hosting a National Health day event, where you draw your character engaging in healthy activity!!It could range from eating an apple or just making it up that flight of stairs. Better hurry up though, it ends tomorrow! (April 7th!)

Takatia is gearing down to host an easter egg hunt!! I’m so excited!! I’m definately going to find them all. Right after I get my gobble on. Stay tuned, it will start April 15th and ONLY run for TWO DAYS!!


  • Takatia gave an update on the 1st of March (yikes, sorry guys!!) regarding Wolfhome getting a temporary map while the Administration searches for a map artist to commission!! How exciting!
  • There’s a new update for ultimate subscribers! You can enter a full room and make it 16/15! wooo!!
  • This one’s an oldie too, ART has made changes to their guidelines in regards to AFK poses and Copy/Pasted Textures, read the full update here: AFK Poses and Copy/Pasted Textures
  • Takatia clarifies our guidelines on inanimate objects in public rooms: 
    • “After the poll where everyone specified what they did and did not want to see in public rooms, it became clear the one thing people aren’t wanting to see in rooms is inanimate object poses. And with our older rule on AFK poses, it was pretty easy for people to have an inanimate object as a pose in public rooms so long as “AFK” was present. This rule applies for any object that isn’t canine related. A doghouse or bone AFK pose, for example, would still be acceptable in public rooms. But a rock with “AFK” carved into it wouldn’t be acceptable in public rooms. However if you added a tail behind the rock, it would then be usable in public rooms.”  it’s all here!
  • Interested in having your art advertised by the Wolfhome Relations Team? Read up on it here!

March birthdays, sorry to have missed you all!! I hope you all had wonderful birthdays!!

Echoplex – 2nd
Little – 7th
Katsute – 8th
Llewellyn – 12th
Bully – 13th
Ricochet – 15th
Era – 28th
Artemis, Pepperpaws – 31st

April Birthdays

Sol – 1st
Vitae, Loup/Aardwolf – 7th
Chewy/Sleuth – 8th
AquaTheBirb – 9th
Arcade – 16th
Fable/Owl, Rottweiler – 21st
Saviour – 22nd
Achak – 23rd
Bark – 26th
Squeak – 27th

Share some love

Clovette is going through a rough patch and could use a few sweet words of encouragement and lots of prayers for her family, which you can offer by commenting on this topic with her updates, or by sending her a PM.  Stay strong xx

Mab could use a pick-me up or two, they’ve been feeling down lately and in a rut. You can comment here, or send them a PM.

Juicebox was recently in a car accident, and we thank the good graces of the honey bees that they are alive and well. Here is a small update from them, if you are waiting on something from them, please be patient!

We have lots of new users just waiting to be welcomed! Check out Intros and Interviews to say hi!


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